Frequently Asked Questions
Trackballs Frequently Asked Questions

Which trackball do I need to replace the one on my Global VR PGA golf game?
There are two types of trackballs out there on the PGA games.
TTL (standard) and PS2. GVR has been manufacturing only the TTL version of the game since late 2002. All tournament games are TTL.
If you want to replace your TTL trackball, use Item # 56-0100-11HL
A TTL trackball will have only a short wire harness on it with one white connector on the game end.
This will also work on Golden Tee games.

We can no longer make the PS2 type trackball.
To replace this, Global VR wants the customer to upgrade to the TTL trackball. To do this you have to get an upgrade kit from GVR.
A PS2 trackball will have a 5 foot black or beige cable on it with a PS2 plug on the game end.

I recently purchased a Happ Controls trackball.
The trackball came out-of-the-box without any documentation. (Nor did a still packaged trackball).

The pinout I observe is as follows:

Pin 1 - Black (2 wires) - assumed to be logic ground
Pin 2 - Red (2 wires) - assumed to be +5 VDC
Pin 3 - Yellow - X-Axis (left-right)
Pin 4 - Green - X-Axis (left-right)
Pin 5 - Blue - Y-Axis (up-down)
Pin 6 - Violet - Y-axis (up-down)
With track-ball as oriented with "monitor" indicator facing forward.

Can you give me the correct signal listing for this connector? It appears that the encoders are bi-polar, can you tell me which wires are + or - ?
The signals out are actually two signals per axis in quadrature (90 out of phase with each other).
Following is the correct pinouit and color assignments for the Track Ball Harness.
PIN 1: Ground BLACK (2 WIRES)

Double green wire is to be tied to an Earth Ground star point within the machine.

What are the pinouts of the Optic Sensor pcb A052-1010-00 and A052-1011-00 used on the trackball or trackwheel or 360 steering wheel ?
These alll use the same Item # A052-1011-00 Optic Sensor Board. The connections are as follows.
Pin 1 - Output A
Pin 2 - +5V
Pin 3 - GND
Pin 4 - Output B

What size carriage bolts must I buy when using your trackball plate?
To fasten either the 2-1/4" or the 3" TB to the plate, use four #10 carriage bolts, 3" long Item # 90-1014-00
To fasten the plate to the game control panel, use four #10 carriage bolts, 2" long Item # 43-0149-00

Use a #10 nut Item # 90-1204-00 on each bolt above.

How do I illuminate / light my 3" trackball ?
First of all, you will need a TB with either a Translucent ot Transparent ball in it. The solid balls can not be illuminated.
You will need to purchase a few extra parts with your 3" trackball.

Item # 91-1224-00 T3 1/4 wedge base lamp holder.
Item # 43-0303-00 Screw
Item # 91-0161-00 14v #161 bulb

On the underside / bottom of the 3" trackball case there is a hole where the screw will be inserted holding the lamp fixture in place beneath the ball. You will need an external power source to operate the 161 bulb which its typically operated at 12VDC @ 200ma.

A small plug in wall transformer type power supply is sufficient such as Item # 80-0001-00

For trackballs smaller or larger than the 3" you would have to mount the lampholder yourself as no hole is supplied in the case. Double sided tape or velcro can frequently make this work as well.

How do I clean and maintain my Trackball?
First, don't use any lubricant on the bearings. We first clean the bearings and apply a special light organic oil. The biggest problem is dirt on the ball. You can clean it with a mild soap or glass cleaner.
Clean the rollers with a cloth dampened with cleaner. Be sure to dry the rollers before reassembling and don't get any liquid in the bearings. When putting the bearings and rollers back in the case, be sure to push the bearings to the ends of the pockets they reside in.

If you feel you HAVE to clean the bearings and re-lubricate them, clean them with a degreaser then use a light weight non-detergent 5 weight oil. Were not talking about motor oil or 3-in 1 oil here. They call this "sewing machine oil" at the hardware store. Use two drops per bearing and see how it works. This is not as good as what we use, but should work OK. We sell the bearings and rollers separately Item # 95-0831-WB

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