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As trusted partner, SUZOHAPP has progressed in technology since its beginning 30 years ago. We have led the competitive landscape with a proven track record of innovative and reliable OEM solutions resulting in enhanced end-user experience. Serving OEMs in 80 countries gives us global and industry notoriety. Our customers rely on us to work from inception to understand the scope of the project, the industry it is functioning within and the demands of the user, all while producing a cost effective part that meets strict OEM timelines.

  • Exceptionally designed component technology
  • Product innovation labs
  • Patents
  • Worldwide manufacturing facilities
  • Engineering worldwide

Subject Matter Experts in the following industries:


Custom coin doors and coin handling, driving game components, joysticks, lighting solutions, optical guns, pushbuttons and track balls are part of our amusement portfolio. We design parts that withstand all types of environments and conditions from a bar with excited sports fans to a family entertainment center. Our 3” trackball is THE preferred trackball of the elite “GOLD DIVISION” Golden Tee Fore Players.


SUZOHAPP has been a OEM manufacturing partner since the creation of the first poker machine. From the very first pushbutton to the latest wheel topper todays gaming industry relies on SUZOHAPP for low cost high quality turnkey solutions for this ever growing market.

  • With Gaming becoming a world industry SUZOHAPP continues to expand its global presence with regional offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities
  • Global design teams dedicated to the success of each project are solution driven with an emphasis on your goals and budget
  • Manufacturing capabilities include engineering, advanced tooling, fabrication and assembly
  • Our manufacturing systems fully integrate with Kanban or JIT for on time delivery to your production line.
  • Purchasing to purchasing, engineering to engineering, inventory management to inventory management, our teams partner with your company for a successful on time, high quality state of the art products
  • Engineered gaming products include:
    • LED Lighting and illuminated bezels
    • Handle mechanisms
    • Skill based components
    • Snapshot TFT LCD buttons
    • Reel mechanisms
    • LED and Cathode LCD displays
    • Wiring harnesses
    • Mechanical hardware and subassemblies
    • Static buttons
    • LCD and Static Toppers
    • Power supplies
    • Round Disc Wheel Topper

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