Frequently Asked Questions
Monitors Frequently Asked Questions

What are the part numbers for Ceronix Monitor replacement parts? is the cross-reference list.

I am using the new Magic Bomb game (or a similar one) and I can not get your 19" RGB Monitor 49-1329-00 to sync.
If you are having a problem syncing a Magic Bomb 2 or other game to our Item # 49-1329-00 you can fix it by doing this: Piggy-Back a 820 ohm 1/4 W Resistor on top of R302. This is located near the signal connector. Then connect the C-Sync wire from the game to only the H-Sync wire on the monitor.

What is the difference between shelf mount and universal mount monitors?
Shelf mount monitors will mount using brackets on the base of the monitor. These will bolt to a "shelf" in the game that the monitor will "sit" on. Universal mount monitors have brackets around the face of the picture tube and are fastened to the game from the front.

I need to purchase a new touch screen and/or controller for my Merit Megatouch. Which one should I buy?
We need to determine which kind of touch screen you have, and the size of the screen needed. By following the cable from the touchscreen you will find it connected to the controller this will tell us who the manufacturer is, Elo or Microtouch. It will be necessary to know how many pins are on the connector and PCB. Other helpful information such as model and part number should be noted at this time.

Item # 49-3065-00 (Microtouch 14-78, Merit 017X0239-001) This one is in a white box with a 12 pin connector on the back of it and a 9 pin cannector/cable.

Item # 49-5037-00 This one is for the Pot-Of-Gold game, is in a white box and may have a different cable than some of the very early games. If the controller you are replacing has a square 9 pin Molex connector on it, you will have to add this yourself.

What is a NOVRAM on a touchscreen? What does it consist of? i know its a 12 pin conector. that conects touchscreen cntrl to the touch screen.
The NOVRAM is a Non-Volatile ram built into the 3M touchscreen plug. It stores calibration information. You can't see it, it is in the plug and is considered part of the touchscreen.

What is the part number for Kortek 17 and 19" LCD power supply?
The A/C open brick style part number is Item # 10-510303000
The black closed brick style power supply is Item # 10-510504000

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