Frequently Asked Questions
Coin Comparitors Frequently Asked Questions

How can I adjust my roll down mech to take coins other than 25?
Rolldown mechs can be adjusted to fit any coin up to 30 mm (1.125 or 1-1/8").
Rolldown mechs can not be adjusted to accept more than one type of coin at the same time, for example $.25 and .984 token. 12vdc Lockout coil available - Item # 42-0202-00

Adustment Instructions

Will a coin mech work if tilted on an angle, if so how far can I tilt it?
The coin mechs are designed to operate within two degrees of vertical. If it is tilted at a greater angle, it will not work properly.

How can I convert my mech to accept a different coin?
The Happ $.25 Ultimech and the Imonex mechs are designed for one coin only and have no adjustments on them. Happ metal/plastic mechs and mini front plate can not be easily converted to accept a different coin than they were originally made for. There can be 7 different parts that need to be replaced, and 6 adjustments that need to be made. These mechs can not be easily adjusted to accept other coins without replacing the various parts. We recommend that the customer buy a new mech.

What is the difference between the Credit Accumulator/Timer and the Accumulating Vending Timer?
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