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Electrical Supplies Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a switch comparison chart I can look at?
Switch Comparison Chart

What are the differences in the Single Pole and Double Pole Interlock Switches?
E68 and E78 are rated at .1 Amp, 125 VAC.E69 and E79 are rated at 10 Amps, 125 VAC.
EXX-00A and -01A have a basic momentary action button.
EXX-30A has a combination momentary and "Pull to Cheat Interlock" button.
EXX-40A has a short momentary action button.
SPST (Single Pole Single Throw): To switch one input to one output
SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw): To switch one input to either of two outputs
DPST (Double Pole Single Throw): To switch two inputs at the same time, one input to one output, and the other input to another output
DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw): To switch two inputs at the same time, one input to either of two outputs, and the other input to either of two outputs.

What joysticks will connect directly to the CIB or the UGCI?
For the CIB:
(with B-8 grip) and
Item # 95-1319-00 (with Right Hand grip)

For the UGCI:
Item # 95-1345-00 (with B-8 grip)
Item # 95-1346-00 (Heavy duty grip w/trigger & 2 thumbswitches)
Item # 95-1347-00 (with Right Hand grip)
Item # 95-1432-00 (with Left Hand Grip)
Item # 95-1431-00 (with Trigger Handle Grip)

How do I wire a microswitch / micro switch ?
Generally the microswitches we use have 3 connection points. Embossed into the case is either NO, NC & COM -or- a symbol for a switch with a line connecting 2 of the 3 points.
The most common use for the switch (buttons / joysticks) is to connect the circuit ground to the COM lug and the other wire to complete the circuit is connected to the NO or "normally open" lug. Thus when the button is pressed it "closes" the connection between the NO lug and the COM lug and completes the circuit path. When the button is released it reverts to it's NO state.
Wiring the ground to COM and the other wire to NC produces the opposite effect. The circuit path is complete through the Normally closed lug to COM when the switch is at a state of rest and when pressed it "opens" the circuit breaking the connection.
The same applies to a switch with the switch symbol embossed into it. The single point off on one side alone represents Ground or COM and the 2 points next to each other on the other side are NO where the line does not extend from the other side and NC where the line connects.
Lastly, any switch that has only 2 connection points just gets one wire from each side of the circuit attached to it so that in effect when the switch is closed it's as if you touched the 2 wires together making the connection.

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