Frequently Asked Questions
Driving Controls Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 270 and the 360 steering wheels?
The 360 wheel will rotate continuously and has an optical output, like a trackball. The 270 wheel will rotate only through 270 degrees and has a potentiometer output and a spring return to center.

How do I mount the European Style hoop, and which center cap do I use with it?
The center cap part number is Item # 50-2044-00 The part number for the screws is Item # 95-8030-10 This center cap is different than the standard center cap. The screws go through the center cap used on the European style hoop. The center cap Item # 50-8487-116 for the standard hoop snaps into place.

What is the size of the wheel hoop?
The standard wheel hoop is 10" in diameter.

How do I wire the pots on the controls?
Pots have three terminals. Generally, one end terminal is wired to +5 volts, the other end terminal is wired to power supply common and the center (wiper) terminal is wired to the game.

Can the Active Steering Wheel be used or adapted for use on the Sega Daytona or Rally series of games?
The two types are too different. Check Item # 50-3000-10 it is the replacement wheel hoop.

What Rail would I use on a Daytona Twin Sit down?
For a Daytona twin the following would be the replacement that we offer.
Item # 50-2859-00

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