Frequently Asked Questions
Coin Doors Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a Happ O/U upper door in a Wells/Coin Controls frame?
No, the door hinge is different.

Do you have a "Coin Lock-Out" feature on your coin doors and coin mechs?
Yes, we have Lock-Out Coil Assemblies for Validator Doors, Item # 42-7115-00 as well as for non-validator doors, Item # 42-0148-03 These can be ordered as part of the door or can be mounted in the field.

Which Bill Validators can I put on a Coin Door?
Depending on the door, you can use a few different ones:
The MEI AE2400 and AE2600 series, with a 300 or 500 bill capacity stacker, will fit on an Over/Under door.
Item # 40-7000-00

You can use Cashcode stackerless, MEI AE2400 and AE2600 series and Ardac upstackers in the Universal Pinball door.
Item # 42-1016-00

You can use Rowe UBA and Dixie Narco U.S.A validators with upstackers in a different type of door.
Item # 42-0161-00

The MEI LE3800/3900 series will not fit on any door. It is simply too big.

How do I mount Happ Doors to my cabinet?
Use the Item # 43-0045-00 (10-24x1.25 Black Carriage Bolt) and Item # 90-1204-00 (10-24 Hex Keps Nut) on these: Small Single Entry Coin Door Item # 40-0484-00 (6 ea), Pinball Door (4 ea), O/U Wide Door (6 ea.), Pinball Validator door (4 ea), Single (4 ea) and Dual (6 ea) Front Plate Assemblies.
Standard O/U and "multi-door" doors mount with supplied clips.

For convertible O/U Door Assembly with enclosure, frame and lower door:
Upper Door Number Item # 42-7196-00
Screw to mount upper door to frame Item # 43-0183-00
Clips to hold door to cabinet Item # 42-0288-00
Screw to hold above clip Item # 43-0047-00

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