3" Translucent Red Trackball Assembly w/ USB PS/2 Interface

Part # 56-0300-10TI12

$88.37 ea.

Ships By 07/08/2024

  • 3" red translucent Trackball Assembly with USB PS/2 Interface & 12V cable.  
  • Allows the user to replace the existing mouse with a heavy-duty trackball for public access and similar applications.  
  • The USB/PS2 trackballs can be added with or without removing the original mouse.  
  • Will connect to any computer that has either a USB or PS2 port.  
  • Available in various colors, including RGB illuminated versions.  
  • The 12vdc bulb is attached to the bottom of the 3" transluscent Trackball for the backlit ball option.  
  • Note - plug in power supply 80-0001-00 will be required to power up this bulb.  
  • The trackball itself is the same shape and size as the standard Suzo-Happ trackballs .  
  • Works on Windows 98 or higher, MAC OS 8.5 or higher, and Linux with USB HID support.  
  • Automatically detects whether it is connected to a USB or aPS2 port and configures itself accordingly.  
  • Comes with a 6-foot cable that will plug into a USB or a PS2 port.  
  • Supports up to three buttons (Three-button functionality will require the use of a driver that supports three buttons; The standard Microsoft driver supports two and the MAC OS supports one).  
  • Includes both .187" and 250" terminal connectors for pushbuttons- pushbuttons are not included.  
  • Pushbutton mounting kits are sold separately


  • Shipping Weight: 2.12 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 8.50 inches
  • Shipping Height: 4.50 inches
  • Shipping Width: 6.50 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Terminal Size: .187 & .250 "
  • Trackball Size: 3"
  • Voltage: 12 VDC

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