Basic Celebration Topper without Sound, Media or LEDs

Part # RBM-754K-F1

Minimum Order Quantity: 95

Item number RBM-754K-F1 is not available for sale.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 95.  
  • This innovative topper design creates a new level of excitement on your casino floor and stimulates additional game play.  
  • Topper interfaces into the SAS line to detect a hand pay signal from the slot machine and when the selected level of hand pay is achieved the topper triggers a "Celebration Event".  
  • Celebration Event includes:.  
  • Confetti launcher throws out bursts of confetti.  
  • 15.6" LCD driven by Network Digital Signage Player.  
  • 10/100M Ethernet with RJ-45 connector.  
  • Storage on Compact Flash (CF) card up to 32GB (sold separately - 96-0046-00 for 2GB).  
  • NTP, FTP Client, HTTP Client.  
  • Download Performance over 300KBps with intranet HTTP server (CF Card: Sandisk Extreme IV).  
  • Image Format of JPEG (max resolution 5120x3840).  
  • Remote Control.  
  • Remote Control functions of Network setup for client IP, Server IP and other settings.  
  • Bundled Software for Windows XP/Vista to load, control and monitor client's status and activity.  
  • RSS feed capable.  
  • Backlight graphic panel can be substituted in place of 15.6" LCD.  
  • Front of video topper has ability for custom branded graphic to be inserted.  
  • Confetti capsules are spring loaded (safe - no Fireworks) and sprays over twenty color stripes with six colors and colorful effects for 3-6 feet (1-2 meters) in the air.  
  • Body is constructed of black UL-94 VO flame resistant plastic.  
  • Patent Pending.  
  • Sold Separately:
    • Confetti Capsule (95-0124-00)
    • Three different mounting base adapters available - Flat, Round, or Slant
    • Compact Flash (CF) card up to 32GB (96-0046-00)
    • Base harness, power supply (RE251-669-01USA, 2 required per topper)
    • Tower Light optional


  • Shipping Weight: 21.00 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 12 VDC


Suzo-Happ has designed several standard "Celebration Videos" that can be programmed to play when a jackpot level has been achieved and are included with each Celebration Video Topper. Alpha Video Creative, the makers of these videos, can be contracted further customization if desired.

Standard Video Options

Watch to See How to Add Celebration
& Excitement to the Casino Floor!

Click to Download .mpeg file "Fireworks Jackpot Winner"

Click to Download .mpeg file "Jackpot Falling Coins"

Click to Download .mpeg file "Dollar Tornado"

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