Kit Golden Eye 121 122 123 & 128 Series AP Machines

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  • Maximize your profits by ensuring vend success every time!.  
  • Falling packages break the infrared transmissive sensor beam confirming a successful vend.  
  • Eliminate credit vouchers and dissatisfied customers.  
  • Flexible system allows you to choose the operating mode that works best for you.  
  • Here's how Golden Eye works: 1) When a customer makes a selection, the spiral rotates one full revolution. 2) Golden Eye features an infrared transmissive sensor that detects if the product has dropped into the delivery bin. 3) Choose "Home" Mode or "Drop" Mode: a. "Home" mode: If the product fails to vend on the first try, the spiral will automatically make up to two additional revolutions in an attempt to vend the selection. As soon as the selection drops, the vend is complete and the spiral returns to the "home" position. b. "Drop" mode: If the product fails to vend, the spiral runs a partial revolution stopping when the product is detected. This method leaves the spiral in the position where it stops. 4) If, however, the selection still fails to vend after three attempts, the customer can make a new selection or receive a refund. 5) Spiral position: a. "Home" mode: Golden Eye always returns the spiral to the "home" position for optimal product display. b. "Drop" mode: Golden Eye keeps the spiral in it's stopping position, minimizing unpaid product loss.


  • Shipping Weight: 2.54 lbs.

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