Green large square Dual IPB w/ .250 microswitch #161

Part # 54-0004-D333

Item number 54-0004-D333 is not available for sale.

  • Unique design to enhance control panel look.  
  • Provides dual function capability in limited space.  
  • Mounting hardware included for Dual Pushbuttons (M-3 Flat Head 1" Screws).  
  • Fits wood or metal control panels.  
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles.  
  • Fitted as standard with T-31/4 incandescent #161 14v DC bulb.  
  • Custom printing on legends available at nominal charge.  
  • Installation Instructions.  
  • Identification Key

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  • Bezel Type: Black
  • Color: Green
  • Pushbutton Shape: Square

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