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Red 4-way Ultimate Joystick

Part # 50-7604-100

$10.90 ea.

$9.90 ea. L/ 4

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  • Precision Engineered for the "Ultimate" in game playing feel.  
  • Rugged, yet simple, construction.  
  • Very smooth, spring return-to-center.  
  • Microswitch reliability tested to 10,000,000 cycles.  
  • Adjustable shaft length for metal or wood mounting.  
  • .187" terminal Silver Contact Microswitch Standard.  
  • Gold contact microswitch optional


  • Shipping Weight: 0.60 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 6.00 inches
  • Shipping Height: 2.00 inches
  • Shipping Width: 4.00 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Joystick Type: 4-Way
  • Country of Origin: US

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Turned out I needed the 8-way. Would have been nice if the Suzo site had more details about the application, how to tell the difference, etc. Also, the directions that came with the joystick did not match the ones on line. A very slight difference in the two made me waste quite a bit of time assembling it, losing a couple of the snap rings, etc. The online version clarified the issue.