Comparitor Universal Test Station II

Part # 35-0750-01

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  • A must for every casino!.  
  • Used to test, adjust and troubleshoot all comparitors.  
  • Switches can be toggled to simulate a machine's inhibit control lines, display output signals such as sense, credit and tilt, that can be viewed on the two numerical displays and also on a dual-color LED.  
  • Includes two 3-digit 7-segment counter displays which measure output signals in milliseconds and seconds.  
  • Each Test Station includes: Your choice of 1 - Comparitor Interface Wire Harness (call for list of available harnesses) and 1 set of Test Leads, additional harnesses can be purchased separately.  
  • Optional VHS training video available.  
  • All output signals can be viewed individually or simultaneously .  
  • Signals can be measured accurately up to 15 minutes.  
  • One display doubles as a coin counter whereby false crediting or numerous crediting can be detected.  
  • Can be used with 3 different voltages: 12 vdc, 24 vdc, 24 vac.  
  • Ref. No. 00660011


  • Shipping Weight: 16.37 lbs.

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