Spray Wand for the Sonic Systems Stream-Line 6

Part # 49-0811-00

Mfg Name: Sonic Systems

$211.00 ea.

Ships By 08/22/2022

  • Spray wand attachment for the Sonic Systems Stream-Line 6 Ultrasonic Cleaner.  
  • This spray wand accessory is recommended for best rinsing of the cash boxes with the Sonic Systems unit.  
  • Attaches conveniently to the Sonic Systems Streamline 6 Ultrasonic Cleaner for easy rinsing of cash boxes.  
  • Sonic Systems Ultrasonic units effectively clean cash boxes with high frequency sound and thousands of microscopic vacuum bubbles to insure proper operation of bill validators.  
  • These minute bubbles with intense scrubbing action are able to reach in the smallest of crevices to remove contaminants such as oils, dirt and dust.  
  • Proprietary Piezoelectric Ultrabraze transducers allows for greater sound energy transmission into the cleaning zone.  
  • Includes the spray wand only (Sonic Systems Stream-Line 6 Ultrasonic Cleaner sold separately)

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  • Shipping Weight: 5.00 lbs.


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