National Changetron With 4 Payout Drums

Part # 42-3520-00

$257.95 ea.

Available on: 05/15/2017

  • Upgrade your Ardac, Rowe, Hamilton and National Changetron to accept $1, $2, $5 or $1, $2, $5, $10, $20.  
  • The MEI AE Series Validator used with these kits has a 700 bill upstacker.  
  • MEI validators allow high acceptance of all bills.  
  • Can be directly replaced with any MEI VN-2501, AE-2400 or AE-2600 Series validator.  
  • Changer is still able to accept coins.  
  • The complete kit replaces the transport and bill stacker with a 120vac validator.  
  • Wiring harness interfaces with the MEI AE and VN validators.  
  • Takes about 30 minutes to install on location


  • Shipping Weight: 0.78 lbs.

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