26" LCD Game Cabinet with LCD & Coin Door with 2008 Golden Tee Unplugged Game Installed

Part # 96-0931-20

Item number 96-0931-20 is not available for sale.

  • New innovative LCD cabinet provide for an updated look for any location.  
  • Cabinet is optimally configured for use with various Incredible Technologies game kits.  
  • Easy to move for it is over half the weight of a standard CRT based cabinet.  
  • Optimal follow-thru angle for superior game play.  
  • Great for commercial locations or your home game room .  
  • One-piece durable acrylic protects marquee, LCD and control panel .  
  • Cabinets include 26" VGA LCD, power supply, marquee lights and single entry bill validator ready coin door with cashbox .  
  • Three different versions available: Target Toss Pro BAGS, Silver Strike Bowling and Golden Tee .  
  • Weight of cabinet is only 196 lbs. (250 lbs shipping weight) .  
  • Dimensions: 60" H x 28" W x 34" D

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