3M™ DI-NOC™ Film, Metallic Color, 4' x 164" Roll Size, 656 Sq Ft Per Roll

Part # ME380

Minimum Order Quantity: 328

$7.68 ea.

Ships By 09/05/2022
Non Cancelable - Non Returnable



  • Minimum Order Quantity: 328.  
  • High-quality, lightweight, self-adhesive, vinyl film laminate.  
  • 75% faster installation than traditional laminates resulting in less down time and more profits.  
  • Over 600 patterns and finishes to choose from.  
  • Used in casinos as well as throughout Japan, Europe, and Asia Pacific as an architectural finish.  
  • Ideal for high limit areas.  
  • Recovering of machines can be completed right on the casino floor. That cannot be done with traditional lamination. .  
  • No need to move your machine off the casino floor.  
  • No external items such as locks, speakers, etc. on the machine need to be removed for installation .  
  • Easily conforms around radius and surface edges with a heat gun; even into vented areas .  
  • Minimal disruption to your casino floor.  
  • No noise or odor.  
  • Faster installation and less down time means more profits.  
  • Refurbish a machine in approximately 40 minutes on the casino floor .  
  • 3M™ Comply™ Adhesive.  
  • 8.3 Mils Thick PVC.  
  • Stain Resistant.  
  • Light Weight.  
  • Non-Flammable.  
  • Minimal Mess.  
  • Proven Performance.  
  • Anti-Bacterial (PS/DF).  
  • Easy Application.  
  • Durable.  
  • Easy to Clean.  
  • Easy to Handle.  
  • Safe to Use.  
  • Apply on Site.  
  • Peace of Mind.  
  • Healthy Environment.  
  • Measurements for DI-NOC™ should be made in square feet NOT linear feet .  
  • Measure the length and width of each side of your machine, adding an additional 1" "bleed" on both the top and bottom for overage.  
  • Rolls are 4' in width and CANNOT be ordered in widths less than that. The length with vary per style..  
  • Add the total square footage of each side to get the total square footage per machine.  
  • For OEMs, use of a Plotting Program will insure the least amount of product waste.  
  • DI-NOC™ is sold per square foot .  
  • A minimum of 20 square feet is required for all orders .  
  • Sold in 5 lineal foot increments only ie. 20, 40, 60, 80, etc sq. ft. .  
  • Orders placed for less than a full roll will always come 4' in width..  
  • Price breaks apply to the purchase of a full roll.  
  • A standard roll size is 4' X 164'. Some rolls are available in different factory lengths..  
  • Prices vary by color and size of roll..  
  • A primer is needed for all leading edges. (See Part No. 29-0631-00).  
  • Yes. There is a 20 roll minimum..  
  • Yes, one or more layers of DI-NOC™ Film can be applied to the first layer of DI-NOC™ Film. It is not recommended to apply more than 3 layers on top of each other. .  
  • Recommended application temperature range is 61-82° F (68-77° F is preferred) .  
  • Store film in a clean, dry environment; free from direct sunlight and at an ambient temperature below 100° F. Use within one year of purchase .  
  • The film was tested on an aluminum plate and exposed to temperatures ranging from -22° F to 149° F for 12 days. No peeling or discoloration resulted .  
  • Installation is quoted out on a project by project basis depending upon the total number of machines and the location of those machines. Installation costs would also include any travel expenses incurred by the installer. .  
  • Training costs $995.00 per person. This includes classroom instruction and materials. .  
  • Training can be done on site or in the DI-NOC™ training facility located in Baltimore, MD. .  
  • Travel expenses are the responsibility of the customer..  
  • On-site training is available for up to 5 students per class..  
  • Elevators.  
  • Walls & Columns.  
  • Partitions.  
  • Galleries & Museums.  
  • Dining Areas.  
  • Offices.  
  • Escalators.  
  • Casinos.  
  • Cruise Ships.  
  • Lobbies.  
  • Doors & Hallways.  
  • Ceilings

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