19.71" 3M MicroTouch Touch Screen, Sensor with Controller Board

Part # 49-2920-00

Mfg #: 17-8051-221
Mfg Name: 3M

Item number 49-2920-00 is not available for sale.

  • Extended Durability for High-use Applications.  
  • MicroTouch™ ClearTek™ capacitive touch screens, manufactured by 3M Touch Systems, are the preferred touch solution for applications that require fast and accurate touch performance. The flat capacitive Profile sensor incorporates advanced construction and production techniques that result in a thin, sleek design which provides easy installation into flat panel displays and flat CRTs. The robust touch characteristics of ClearTek are attributed to its transparent overcoat, which significantly increases the physical durability of the surface by allowing it to resist scratches and abrasions. Popular applications include kiosks, ATM installations, point-of-sale, industrial equipment, gaming machines, and vending.  
  • Making the Difference: ClearTek capacitive touch technology provides accurate and sensitive response to the user's touch while offering outstanding durability. A ClearTek capacitive touch screen provides scratch-resistance and contaminant-resistance to dirt, liquids, and harsh chemicals. A ClearTek sensor with Industrial Etch has been tested in a laboratory environment to withstand over 225 million mechanical touches without noticeable degradation to the surface.  
  • Features:
    • Transparent coating significantly increases durability by resisting scratches and abrasions
    • Performance unaffected by everyday contaminants in the environment
    • Accurate and fast touch response
    • Narrow border for easy integration
    • Connects to the new EX II electronics platform
    • Taped wires
  • Viewing Area Dimension: 19.71"D (500.63 mm) x 15.31"W (388.87 mm) x 12.42"H (315.47 mm).  
  • Outer Area Dimension: 20.44"D (519.18 mm) x 15.85"W (402.59 mm) x 12.9"H (327.66 mm).  
  • Cable Length: 4.27" (108.46 mm).  
  • Cable Exit: 8:00.  
  • Cable Termination: 5 pin.  
  • Controllers Available: EXII-7720SC/98-0003-2217-6 (included).  
  • Etch: AG500.  
  • Glass Thickness: 0.125" (3.18 mm).  
  • Precision Area Diagonal: 18.58" (471.93 mm).  
  • Precision Area Height: 11.71" (297.43 mm).  
  • Precision Area Width: 14.43" (366.52 mm).  
  • Ref. No. 17-8051-221 (98-0003-2536-9) .  
  • Sensor with controller board

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  • Shipping Weight: 2.43 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 16.00 inches
  • Shipping Height: 0.50 inches
  • Shipping Width: 13.00 inches
  • Aspect Ratio: Standard
  • Height: 12.9 "
  • Reference Number: 17-8051-221
  • Reference Number: 98-0003-2536-9
  • Replacement for: -
  • Screen Size : 19.71 "
  • Sensor Size: 19.71 "
  • Width: 15.85 "


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