Sencore HA2500 Universal Horizontal Analyzer

Part # 92-0313-00

Item number 92-0313-00 is not available for sale.

  • Unique frequency lock and variable horizontal frequency use allows you to quickly service all horizontal circuits no matter the frequency.  
  • Patented "ringer" proves the condition of flybacks and yokes in seconds - even a single shorted turn.  
  • Variable-current limited & protected B+ substitute power supply permits testing of horizontal stages even when the power supply is dead.  
  • Exclusive "Horizontal Output Load Test" makes setup and testing a snap - even without applying AC power for more accurate estimates, fewer damaged replacement parts, and faster diagnosis and repair.  
  • Exclusive "Dynamic Tests" help you analyze the horizontal circuit in powered-up conditions to catch even subtle defects in the power supply, noise, and drive signal.  
  • Portable and field rugged to go on location when bringing the defective product to your bench isn't feasible


  • Shipping Weight: 27.90 lbs.

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