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Coil for Stern Pinball, Diode on Top

Part # 090-5044-0T

$16.45 ea.

Ships By 03/11/2024



  • Replacement general purpose coil used on later-model Stern pinball games for common devices such as ball kickout, pop bumper, slingshot bumper, etc. .  
  • The diode on this coil is mounted on top (front) of coil lugs - see part number 090-5044-0B for the same coil with diode on bottom of lugs.  
  • Be sure to observe polarity when connecting wires to your new coil - connecting the wires in reverse will destroy the diode and possibly blow a fuse when power is applied.  
  • The end of the diode with the band (cathode end) always has the HOT (power) wire connected to it's lug.  
  • The end of the diode without the band (anode end) always has the COLD (ground, low, or neutral) wire connected to it's lug


  • Shipping Weight: 0.21 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 2.00 inches
  • Shipping Height: 1.50 inches
  • Shipping Width: 2.00 inches

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