Rectangle, White, VLT Illuminated Pushbutton, 14v

Part # 77-2012-61

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  • Rectangle Suzo-Happ illuminated pushbutton with DB microswitch.  
  • VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) size.  
  • Designed to retrofit all existing VLT and draw poker applications using .87"/22mm square mounting hole.  
  • Designed to resist spills and sticking.  
  • Designed for high reliability and long life, tested to 10 million+ cycles.  
  • Small size, low profile, provides maximum player comfort.  
  • Unique design, with separable lamp/switch holder, allows easy lamp changing while holding switch very securely.  
  • Full .020"/.5mm Thickness on lamp terminals holds lamp connectors securely.  
  • Contacts for lamp base are two-legged to assure reliable contact with lamp.  
  • .062" grounding terminal is optional.  
  • Gold contact subminiature .110 terminals microswitch fitted as standard.  
  • Includes a 14 volt #73 lamp.  
  • Plain white legend with no text and clear cap fitted as standard.  
  • Additional colors of legend and lens caps are available.  
  • Custom legend lettering designs and artwork available at nominal charge.  
  • Translucent color bezel available (57-8000-XX).  
  • Identification Key.  
  • Posi-Lock lampholder.  

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  • Shipping Weight: 0.02 lbs.
  • Color: White
  • Lamp Type: 73
  • Pushbutton Shape: Rectangle
  • Voltage: 14 VDC

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