Cassida 85 Currency Counter With UV (Ultra-Violet) Protection

Part # 80-0141-00

Mfg #: 85U
Mfg Name: Cassida

Item number 80-0141-00 is not available for sale.

  • The Cassida 85 is only built one way, and that is tough.  
  • Constructed with durable steel parts for years of high usage.  
  • Designed to handle all sorts of bills, ranging from crisp new bills to those that are nearing the end of their lifetime.  
  • Engineered to tackle counterfeit bills head on.  
  • Designed to ensure that no counterfeit bills ever appear in your stack!.  
  • 80-0141-00 has UV (Ultra-Violet) protection.  
  • 80-0143-00 has dual head MG (magnetic) and UV (ultraviolet) detection systems ensure ultimate protection.  
  • Delivers the same smooth and accurate processing with coupons, tickets, deposit slips or other documents, as well as any foreign bills.  
  • Flexible software allows the user to easily adjust the Cassida 85 for any non-US currency.  
  • Counting speed: 1200, 1500 bills/min.  
  • Hopper capacity: 1000 new bills.  
  • Stacker capacity: 300 new bills.  
  • Error detection: Double, half, chain, note size detection.  
  • Auto-start feature: Included.  
  • Operating modes: count, add, batch, add and batch.  
  • Batching range: preset or 0-999.  
  • Options: Dust collector, Remote display.  
  • Weight: 11.7 lbs.  
  • Dimensions: 10.83" x 9.17" x 9.96".  
  • Power source: 100/240 VAC

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