Coin Comparitor CC-16, $1.00 Coinage for IGT, Bally 24V

Part # 35-0018-00

Item number 35-0018-00 is not available for sale.

  • For Bally machine with $1 coinage, Ref. No. 66160023 (old Ref No 66160056).  
  • For IGT machine with $.50 coinage, Ref. No. 666160088.  
  • CC-16 24V.  
  • No more coin jams - save time and money with less down time.  
  • Patented magnetic induction system provides an accept / reject decision within milliseconds.  
  • No special power supplies required.  
  • Easily change formats - just put the coin you want the Coin Comparitor to recognize into the sample holder and perhaps make a minor sensitivity adjustment.  
  • Anything that does not match the sample coin is automatically rejected.  
  • The most widely used and recognized gaming coin validator.  
  • Proven reliability under extreme gaming conditions.  
  • Designed for coin diameters of .700" (17.8mm) thru 1.470" (40mm).  
  • Straight drop coin path.  
  • 24V model - Offered in voltages ranging from 12 volts DC to 48 volts AC.  
  • Optional inhibit feature on 12 volt DC models only (Bally uses no inhibit mechs).  
  • Coin feed performance rated at 7 coins-per-second


  • Shipping Weight: 1.50 lbs.
  • For Use With: Bally Machines
  • Reference Number: 66160023
  • Voltage: 24
  • Denominations Accepted: 25 USD
  • For Use With: IGT Machines
  • Reference Number: 66160056

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