3M High Air Flow Electrostatic Filter System Kit (Mounting Bracket & Filter)

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  • Filters are specially designed to protect electronics from contaminants like smoke, dust, dirt, debris and carpet fibers from the air intakes on slot machines, vending machines, arcade games, ATMs, kiosks and computers.  
  • 3M HAF-E filters utilize novel microstructured features shaped in a hollow triangle pattern to increase filter surface area to allow high air flow rates while minimizing pressure drop across the filter.  
  • Filter effectiveness is maximized by utilization of 3M's proprietary electrostatic filter surface to attract and capture fine particulates and smoke while providing a low pressure drop.  
  • Keeps your machines running clean and cool (filter only contributes 5F increase under normal conditions).  
  • Filter system protects machine from most contaminants and provides for a reduction of the labor costs required for weekly and or monthly preventative maintenance cleaning of a device interior.  
  • Improve air quality for your games and avoid failures due to hardware overheating.  
  • Initial low flow resistance (maximized air ventilation).  
  • Improve air quality for casino guest's right at the machine level.  
  • Easy to install on outside of slot machine cabinet over existing "air intake" area using 3M VHB tape.  
  • For maximum effectiveness, change filter every three months (depends on conditions).  
  • Filter change can be performed with no special tools and does not require taking the equipment out-of-service.  
  • Durable Black plastic frame with White High Air Flow (HAF-E) Filter.  
  • Size: 5.1" W x 10.7" L x .90" Thick

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