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  • The Freestanding UV Clean Light is designed for placement of small portable tablets and cell phones in the stainless-steel tray providing a quick and easy way to disinfect devices. UV-C light is dispensed at timed intervals with low levels up to 24in. away. These no touch, automated, disinfecting, 24/7 devices work on high touch surfaces with UVC light. UVC light is currently being used to disinfect hospital rooms, ambulances and airplanes. All post treatment tests are yielding 99%+ harmful microorganism eradication. These lights are especially useful on electronics which are not fully liquid-proof and have shown an increased failure rate due to a higher frequency of cleaning by liquid disinfectants mandated in today's current cleaning protocols. Lights are automated and motion sensor controlled to activate when no one is in the vicinity, offering a continuous, cumulative sterilization of high touch surfaces. These lights can achieve 99.9+ % sterilization in 3 minutes.  
  • Automated and customizable disinfecting cycle.  
  • Motion activated for safe deployment of UV-C light.  
  • 22in. - 24in. active disinfecting area range.  
  • Internal memory and built-in audit trail.  
  • Independent low energy LED task light.  
  • Dimensions: ~15in. L x 11in. W x 11in. H.  
  • Weight: 5 lbs.  
  • One-year warranty.  
  • 100% recyclable UV stable plastic.  
  • UV-C bulb.  
  • 12 in. long micro USB to USB communication cable.  
  • 6ft. long 5.5mm pin to USB power cable.  
  • Power adapter included

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