Even More Innovation at G2E Las Vegas From SUZOHAPP

Mount Prospect, Illinois - The global gaming industry's most significant supplier of components and solutions - SUZOHAPP - once again surprised visitors at a major show with even more great products and ideas.

SUZOHAPP is a global technology company that provides software and hardware solutions for self-service enablement and cash handling automation. At G2E Las Vegas the Group successfully unveiled the new CashComplete™ product range which enables customers to dramatically reduce working capital and the expenses associated with cash management. This new range is comprised of 3 product lines - SDS, SPS and RCS - and also includes the unique CashComplete™ software platform that is the ultimate solution for superior financial and operational control of cash.

The importance of play buttons on slot machines is often underestimated. These are the things that are used constantly by players. The new Picture Key Technology (PKT) represents the future for buttons. The new single-panel system features a 35 or 48 display button configuration that can be customized and optimized for any given application. It utilizes one LCD screen to feed content to the button array using a range of video sources through HDMI or DVI inputs.

SUZOHAPP has added to its display portfolio. The new DisplayPro was premiered at the G2E Las Vegas - a 42" HD Screen that is ideal for visual campaigns. This contemporary display has been specifically designed for flexible end of bank signage applications. It can be put to varied use - for example, for information, promotions or third party advertising.

SUZOHAPP has the capacity to offer wider solutions - integrating top components and increasing vertical integration possibilities. There is a move towards focusing more on core competencies - thus game software companies are often looking for hardware partners. SUZOHAPP presented the answer: the SUZOHAPP DualPro and SoloPro customizable metal cabinets with powerful 15W speakers and two 22" LED LCD displays were unveiled at the G2E. Game developers simply plug in their game board to have a complete slot machine solution.

Naturally SUZOHAPP presented a world of components and cash handling solutions. These included the VisionPRO monitors, the Bill-to-Bill banknote recycler, the RM5 HD coin validator, a wide range of coin hoppers (such as Flow, Cube and Evolution), and a fantastic choice of slot machine toppers. The SH1950 topped the bill here. For added entertainment value at casinos and arcades: the Shift Interactive PRO™ Table is the talk of the town. This makes full use of its interactive 42" touchscreen and is available in three heights - Bar, Dining and Lounge. Its 10-point multi-touch
interface makes it possible to interact with one, two, three, or four independent screens at once.

SUZOHAPP is a loyal global distributor for a number of key component manufacturers in the industry. Special focus was placed on the TransAct Epic printers on the stand. "We pride ourselves as being a motor of innovation for our industry", explained Mr. Ron Partridge, [em>President - Americas[/em> at SUZOHAPP. "Our team was kept very busy throughout the show ensuring that visitors received all the information they were looking for. We send out a big thank-you for all who came to see us".

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SUZOHAPP provides highly engineered component solutions for interactive self-service hardware to the global amusement, gaming, industrial, transportation and vending markets by serving both equipment operators and original equipment manufacturers. SUZOHAPP's solutions include control devices and systems, currency handling equipment, display solutions, environmental products, machine operation components and payment systems. With over 1,100 global employees in 19 countries serving more than 25,000 customers worldwide, SUZOHAPP has manufacturing, engineering, distribution and service facilities in 19 countries globally. More information is available at www.suzohapp.com. SUZOHAPP is owned by affiliates of ACON Investments, L.L.C., a Washington, D.C.- based international private equity investment firm that has responsibility for managing approximately $4.4 billion of capital. For more information, visit www.aconinvestments.com.

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SUZOHAPP EMEA Marketing Manager
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