LightPro LED Lamp Assembly Savings Calculation Sheet

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* LED's can typically last upwards of 10-12 years under normal temperature conditions. Higher ambient temperatures could result in a more rapid degradation of light output over the stated life period, resulting in an illumination output of only 50-70% of the original output at the end of the 5 year period.

** Replacment cost based on coverting over to LED lamps over a one year period.

*** The total savings calculated does not factor the annual variable maintanance savings from having to replace fluorescent lamps and ballasts and machine down time.

Energy Costs: This varies by time of day, how much is used, etc. A property may pay $0.18 for the first 350 KW, $0.10 for the next and $.06 for the next, all in the same month. It may also cost less off-peak and go up during thesummer season. The national average in 2006 was $.0981 per KW-HR.

Our test cabinet ran 15 degrees cooler with the LEDs than it did with fluorescents. This is important as these games can generate much heat, affecting the electrical components.

Air Conditioning Savings: This is harder to figure, but we estimate an additional $2.70 savings per LED Lamp per year based on the $.0981 average. This has not been included within these calculations.