Industry Leading Bill Validator

Vantage bill validator is an industry-leading solution with a host of advanced features for highest in-service time. Extremely robust and flexible, Vantage is designed to enhance operator business by maximizing profitability.

Designed to meet the needs of the industry

  • More robust
  • More reliable
  • More profitable

Increase Your Profits with the Vantage Advantages

More Robust

Innovative technologies enhance reliability and security

  1. Fourteen sensor pairs scan more of the bill. Multiple analysis technologies increase acceptance, while eliminating frauds
  2. Streamlined bill path and intelligent bill transport software reduces jam conditions providing highest in-service time
  3. Level Three Cashbox Lockout Technology provides industry leading security by completely blocking bill path access to the cash box

More Profitable

New features to increase your in-service time and sales

  1. Centric driver roller provides highest acceptance rates for skewed bills
  2. Automated self-diagnostics and visual bezel notification guarantee your validator is always ready to accept cash
  3. Smart BezelTM increases sales by communicating, for example, 5 - 10 and 20 bill acceptance in real time
  4. Teach-N-Go coupon technology offers fast coupon enabling for unlimited promotional opportunities

More Flexible

Easier to install, service and update

  1. Quick-release bezel expedites installation and removal, even for tight installations
  2. Tool-free disassembly for easier servicing
  3. Illuminated bezel and status indicators simplify setup and troubleshooting
  4. Broad range of support tools and accessories available to meet your specific application
  5. FlexStack® cashbox holds over 500 bills*. It maximizes bill capacity and reduces machine visits

Quick-release bezel

This feature allows the customer to mount just the bezel into the vending machine and then simply snap in a Vantage and connect the harness. Vantage can now be easily removed by pushing on the two light blue tabs (one on each side of the validator) and pulling it out of the machine for servicing if needed, and no tools are required.

The Basic bezel is available in a metal version (66 mm only) to help prevent vandalism