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Updated Mech Holder System, Standard Door Version

Part # 42-0455-00

$18.90 ea.

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  • Replaces the plastic tabs with metal tabs and thumbscrew.  
  • Simple to install; just remove old screws from older mech holder system and install new system!.  
  • For use in applications that have a "Swinging Door" that opens to allow the mech to come out of the mech holder .  
  • This is most commonly found on coin doors that were designed without the ability to have a bill validator installed on the door.  
  • Solves the problem of plastic clips breaking on older design mech holder systems. This item will replace the complete mech holder system and utilize the new metal clip

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  • Shipping Weight: 0.44 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 8.50 inches
  • Shipping Height: 2.00 inches
  • Shipping Width: 5.50 inches

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