Sencore LC103 Rezolver™

Part # 92-0300-00

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  • Automatically tells you when further out-of-circuit tests are required..  
  • Tests SMT components "in-circuit" and accurately with exclusive, time-saving test accessories.  
  • Makes all tests, compares the results to EIA standards, and tells you "GOOD" or "BAD" - automatically.  
  • Analyzes capacitors for all four failures out-of-circuit: -Value from 1pF to 20 F -Equivalent series resistance -Leakage with up to 1,000 volts applied -Dielectric absorption.  
  • Analyzes inductors with exclusive patented tests for: -Values from 0.1 uH to 20 H -Opens for shorts -Even one shorted turn with patented "Ringer" test.  
  • Tests SCRs and triacs with optional SCR250 accessory.  
  • Dynamic in-circuit tests to determine whether the component is good or bad..  
  • Component types: Electrolytic, double layer lytic, tantalum, ceramic, and other capacitors..  
  • Yokes, flybacks, switching transformers, and coils..  
  • Inductor Range: 3.18 uH to 3.18 H.  
  • Capacitor Range: 0.002 uF to 20,000 uF.  
  • Accuracy: Same as Out-of-Circuit tests for known good inductors and capacitors with no parallel current paths..  
  • Suggest Removal Indication: Initiated when AC test differs from DC test by more than 20%, or if low level DCR test indicates a leakage path greater than 20% of charge current for capacitors.


  • Shipping Weight: 12.00 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 23.00 inches
  • Shipping Height: 9.00 inches
  • Shipping Width: 15.00 inches

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