CashCode Stackerless Bill Validator

Part # 42-0281-00

Mfg #: VU-1014US7720
Mfg Name: CashCode

$459.95 ea.

Available on: 11/12/2019

  • Low Cost of Ownership, It's true! The Stackerless bill validator is built to hold up to your application's most demanding conditions, with unparalleled reliability. Every time a bill is inserted, the Stackerless self-calibrates, eliminating the need for optical adjustments. Plus, we make access to the bill path as easy as a push of a button. No tools required. Just more examples of how our innovation can lower your ownership costs! .  
  • The Stackerless is ideal for any application requiring less cash security or where the customer designs and uses their own cash collecting vault. Vending, Transportation and Amusement are just some of the markets where you'll find the Stackerless bill validator. .  
  • Improved Performance. Fixed-width or multi-width - it's up to you! Choose fixed-with validation. Or move up to the flexibility of our multi-width option - the perfect solution for multi-width and multi-currency validation, 62 - 77 mm wide. Unlike competitive products that use graduated bill paths, the Stackerless multi-width bill validator uses patented self-centering transport guides that automatically adjust to, and perfectly align bills even of different widths-even when fed at an angle. A complete cycle takes only 1.6 seconds. .  
  • Beltless design reduces maintenance. Our patented and innovative currency transport design improves performance and greatly reduces long-term maintenance costs. .  
  • Advanced Sensor Technology. Our latest technological advancements have resulted in the industry's highest validation rates. The Stackerless bill validator is designed to provide maximum authentic currency validation. Multi-color optic sensors simultaneously scan both sides of the bill for optimal pattern recognition. A patented, non-contact inductive sensor maximizes counterfeit detection; and a scientifically developed dielectric sensor detects paper density, security threads and watermarks. The result? A validation rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion-just what you'd expect from the industry leader in patented bill validation technology. .  
  • BlueChip. Validation software updates are now quick and easy with CashCode's BlueChip smart-stick memory that updates software and/or firmware in a flash. .  
  • Anti-Stringing Protection. CashCode's patented anti-stringing protection is the best way to secure your investment. All Stackerless bill validators are designed with cross-channel sensors, that specifically detect any materials being used for stringing. It's the best protection your money can buy..  
  • Superior acceptance and security.  
  • Cassetteless operation.  
  • Four-way bill insertion.  
  • 62 to 77 mm or fixed-width bill validation.  
  • Complete transport cycle at only 1.6 seconds.  
  • Advanced auto-calibrating optical, inductive and dielectric sensors.  
  • Optimize validation rates.  
  • Anti-stringing protection.  
  • Tool-free, one-step, easy service access.  
  • Validation rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion.  
  • Durable, metal chassis.  
  • Remote upgradeability using CCNet protocol.  
  • Beltless transport system lowers maintenance costs.  
  • Quick and easy diagnostics via LED indicator.  
  • Stackerless Validator Specifications:.  
  • Validation Rate 96% or higher .  
  • Banknote Insertion Four-way.  
  • Banknote Width Validated 67 or 71 mm wide (fixed-width).  
  • 62 - 77 mm wide (multi-width) .  
  • Escrow One banknote .  
  • Sensors Auto-calibrating milti-color optical dielectric & inductive .  
  • Security Sensors Cross-channel (anti-stringing) and dual entry .  
  • Bezel Options Coin/vandal-resistant metal bezel; multi-width bezel; mini-bezel; and standard bezel .  
  • Interfaces Supported 12V: pulse, serial or bi-directional (with TTL or RS232) .  
  • Protocols CCNET, CashCode serial, MDB, pulse, and most other industry protocols supported Interfaces Supported Serial, pulse, parallel-pulse or bi-directional (with open collector, opto-isolated or RS232) .  
  • Program Memory Flash memory with Smart-Stick .  
  • Operating Voltage 10V DC to 14V DC .  
  • Operating Temperature 0° C to 50° C .  
  • Current Requirements 0.6A DC .  
  • Validation M.T.B.F. 1.5 million cycles .  
  • Complete Transport Cycle < 1.6 sec .  
  • Dimentions (W x H x D) 97 x 132 x 132 mm (closed); 97 x 217 x 191 (open) .  
  • Weight 1 kg .  
  • Manufactured in Canada .  
  • Warranty Two years

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  • Shipping Weight: 2.94 lbs.
  • Shipping Length: 7.00 inches
  • Shipping Height: 6.00 inches
  • Shipping Width: 6.00 inches
  • Denominations Accepted: $1 $5 $10 $20 $50 $100 USD
  • Stacker Type: Stackerless
  • Type: DC
  • Voltage: 12 VDC

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